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Sunday, 22 April 2012 ♥0Comment

  Shallom and hello to all :) This now I want to share with you about what is a aim dreams ? Dreams are completely personal, embodiments of person's wishes, desires and best of all that a person is made of, whereas aims are what we have between ourselves and the world around us, the world where our dreams are often realized through our aims. Dreams cannot be achieved without you aiming it :) I'm also have my aim dreams which is I want to reach for . I want to make my academic achievement for higher until phd . Wow , seem like quite hard to make it , but nothing is possible if we have a strong spirit and desire to be more successful . After completing my studies in UNIMAS , I will try to apply a position for lecturer in any institution . After that , I will further my study again until to phd . My lecturer, Dr.Ismail give his advice for me that I'm still young and not to rush if want achieved something for it . Yeah , I need to make it step by step and if I'm ready , I will try for the next step . One day , I will get a honour name for " Dr.Emelda " soon :) and with all my experiences in my campus life, I will share with my students for give them motivation to reach their own aim dreams . God bless ;)




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