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Wednesday, 11 April 2012 ♥0Comment


This now, I want to share about my course " Cognitive Science " that I learn at UNIMAS . U know what is cognitive science ? Well , let me tell to you based on my understanding :)

-> Scientific interdisciplinary study of the mind which is the guest to understanding human intelligent . Meaning , it is how to study about the human mind & intelligence .
-> It is derived 6 primary contributing disciplines : cognitive psychology , neuroscience , linguistic , artificial intelligence , anthropology and philosophy.

            Wow, I can more know about human mind ability and with that I can be psychology official ;) . In addition , I  will also know how people learning in order to gain their knowledge and their behavior with their own life . I love science because I can get something new that I didn't know  and I will get more knowledge for what I learn . My lecturer said to us that we can be a scientist if we know how to create our intelligence about human and artificial . Although , my course also include human development psychology which is more about of human life cycle from infant until adolescence ,. I really hate programming because for surely I will get brain damage when program something such as how to coding , C++ , multimedia and built URL ( Uniform Resource Locator ) . Hope I can stand with my course by 2 and half years. My daddy always advice me that I can do it and never give up . Yes ..  nothing is possible and I will try my best with my Cognitive Sciences course - MEL -





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