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Tuesday, 10 April 2012 ♥0Comment

               Happy Blogging there :) ! Hmm , today it is my 1st time I create my own blog . Sound interesting when my roommate show her blogger to me which is really cause to me to create my own blog. Now, I want to share my story to u all about my special person in my life . This person that I mean is my hubby BLESSTROSE . Well, he is Medical Assistant trainee at KSKB Kuching which is final year trainee . We was make our relationship about half of year . Want to know how we know each other ?. Well, 1st we know through facebook *HAHAHA . Then , 1st place we meet by face to face at Kuching Waterfront . When I 1st time meet him , he so nice with me and I really like him alot .. But after that, we have a complicated conflict until it was close to make us separated . But when I give him a chance, we try to built a better relationship and try our best to handling any challenges that come to us . I know he is the best person of my life and I try my best to take care this relationship :) . This now, he was practical at Tebedu polyclinic . I really miss him so much . I'm very happy and so touched when he said to me when he already get his job and make earn some money, then he want to engaged with me .. Oo God, I really can't believed it. Yes.. I'm so excited and in my heart he is only guy that I really love . Now, he is part of my life and I can't live without him. BLESS TROSE, I love u everyday, every time , every week and one more important is I love u for a thousand years :) ♥




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