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Friday, 4 May 2012 ♥0Comment

Shallom and hello earthlings :)
How's your day ?
Got anything plan to do or just wanna stay at home?
Yeah I was make a call with him and feel happy when can hear his voice . Mana x nya , since sehari suntuk I didn't get any text message from him and seriously it really make my hot temperature running up . I mean no good in the mood . Time study pun x menentu sebab always thinking rubbish about him . Ye la , mana la tau my hubby ni ada affair ke with perempuan lain . Perempuan mana la tak jealous kan bila dapat tahu bf dorang main kayu tiga -,- Funny my hubby ni bila puji diri sendiri yang dia ni cute . Oh God , saya ni ego la sikit nak katakan dia ni cute , but actually he's really cute pun . Cuma malas nak puji dia tu , nanti lebih-2 pula dia ., hehe . Whatever it is , for me its not important . But the most important is I love him not because he is cute or something , but I love him because the way he loves me a lot and honestly , he can make me forget my past about my ex-boyfriend before . Yeah memang ada juga any guy try untuk berkenalan dengan saya , but I don't have any feeling with them because I just keep on loving him . Selalu juga dia fikir ku have any guy selain daripada dia . Yerk I know he show perasaan cemburu dia tu , but he didn't realise it . Don't worry hubby , I still love you and no one can replace my feeling towards you . Lastly , you mean the world to me . With every breath I take , I love you more and more , I can't imagine my life without you . From now on I will try my best to take care our love and love you until the rest of my life . I am forever yours ♥ :)




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