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Thursday, 3 May 2012 ♥0Comment

  Shallom & hi earthlings :) It's been 3 days since I haven't written anything for my blog . I just busy with my study and so much work task to do . Here I am , got something on my mind a lot of things actually , that I want to inscribe just to share something to u all what I feel inside . Now I was have a lot of assignment , project group and report for research of my course . Oh crap , I'm gonna be sick and stressful with all of this ! Yesterday , me and 3 of my group has interview 2 of KSKB students for our Cognition & Learning course . Thanks God , we already done it well and in the same time I was quarrel with my hubby , jerk ! This bad situation were really make me had bad mood because I don't know where is my mistake actually until we was always quarrel without any reasonable cause. After research , we went to the Waterfront to release our tension gara-2 assignment yang tertangguh & makin bertambah banyak tu. Happy pun ada juga bila dengar joke dari salah seorang group saya tu . Then , kami sampai di kolej antara jam 11 pm . I ask to my hubby , " If kita putus , hubby mau x ? " And he said that he don't want break-up with me because he loves me a lot . Yeah I was feel the same thing but saya takut saya x dapat buat yang terbaik untuknya . Apa-2 pun kami tetap kan try our best untuk menghadapi semua dugaan ini . What the most important is kami must focus our study untuk berjaya dalam hidup kelak . Ok la , nak pergi ke klinik dulu . Flu & allergic datang lagi --' But I still can smile untuk ready facing apa-2 challenges yang akan datang . Take care there :)




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