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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 ♥0Comment

 Shallom and hi to all . This now , I wanna share to u about the reality of campus life student . Yes , for truly when we in university , we will learn and try more to independent without our family and spouse . This is because university teaches us how to make learn from our mistake when we was do wrong and teaches us more independently . The way we study in here so differently rather in our old school or college because we will make our own study without any guidance from the lecturer . Many students will stress especially if they have a lot of assignment , research project , mid-term paper , final exam and so on . But if some of them are smart , they will know how to manage their time wisely for study and activities . I'm also campus student and I 'm really familiar with all kind this situation since I'm started beginning feel the real campus life since in UiTM and currently at UNIMAS . I was facing many kind of thing and problem that sometimes make me stress when I think a lot about it . I'm sure many of us will sacrifice a lot thing in whatever it takes for get success in our life . And the sweetest moment in our life is when we finish our study and get our degree or master or phd certificate during convocation day :) yeahh .. Can't wait this moment and it will be coming one day . Emm ok dear , that's all I wanna share with u this today . Lastly , wish u all the best for your study and never give up in anything you do to pursue your aim dream . God bless u all :)




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