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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 ♥0Comment

Every people have their own dream , right ? So am I .. I was meet my grandpa , Professor Madya Andrew Alek Tuen last Friday morning at his Science Resource & Technology of faculty's office . Oh God , wish I can be like him . Yeah for me , nothing is possible jika saya ada semangat and keinginan untuk mencapai impian kita . Memang saya ada minat untuk sambung pengajian saya until ke peringkat phd because bagi saya , untuk mendapat sesuatu ilmu adalah sangat penting . We can't buy our knowledge but we must find and gain our knowledge . Kata orang " tuntutlah ilmu itu hingga kita menghembuskan nafas kita yang terakhir ." Here is my dreams which I want achieved for :)

1) Get honor name of Prof Madya a.k.a. Dr. Emelda when I was get my phd one day 
2) Want to buy my dream car " Hyundai Sonata Gold "
3) Want to bring my family traveling around the world and make them proud to me because of my success
4) Want to be married with a guy named Blesstrose Ak Benner ( sorry hubby if I was wrong spelling to your father's name ) & be a good wife of him .

p/s : " Dear God , I wish I can achieve my dream one day . Please give a strong spirit to me if I have to facing any trials and challenges that will coming towards me ."




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