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Monday, 11 June 2012 ♥0Comment

Good morning .. Awake early and what can I say .. still feel sleepy yet .. " Yawn " !. But what can I do , I must focus my study for sit my first final paper on this Thursday ..  Waa this month I should go to UiTM Shah Alam .. I mean my old campus .  At least I can meet my beloved lecturer Madam Haliza and my friends .. I gonna planned to surprise they all .. Miss them so much ! My 2nd plan is , already told my hubby last night , I'm going to visit him at Sabah on this December . But it is still on 'plan' actually and we will discuss about it .. Just waiting him come to Sarawak in this week and for surely we will meet again .. Yeahhh !!! Ouh ya , back to my first topic , facing books always make me freaking bored and it will be cracking my head as I must read & trying to understand the information , keep and store to my long-term memory , and then must recall back what I was learn . Can I really do that ? I believed that I can do it . Is this called self-confidence ? Everyone should believe in themselves . If not, no one is going to help them especially if have a big war with the final exam , is it ? So do I , because I knew studying in University is way more difficult and I must try to fighting all the challenges . Till here then . Wanna continued my study again . Wish my luck okay :) Happy blogging there !

p/s : Here I truly hope that everyone who is busy doing their revision for final can do their best. Do not stress out. We have to know the way to relax ourselves sometimes . Trust me ok :)




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