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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 ♥0Comment

 PHD ? Permanent Head Damage ? Yuck , awkwardness words ! Ok guys , let me show you two conversation between me and my ex-housemate Angela ( I mean my senior - final year student ) & my grandpa Professor Dr. Andrew Alek :

Situation 1 ( with my senior Angela by messaging )

Me : La , when you want to check-out from college ? I want to spend time with you for a last day before you go.
She : Sorry Mel . I'm was busy applying for Master level . Now I'm already at Sibu today . Forgot to message you bout that . Yesterday my family come here and pick me up :'(
Me : Oh dear . How could you . Em nevermind then . Now, I'm lonely and don't know who will be with me to going church every Sunday :'(
She : Sorry again Mel . Don't worry . We will meet again in this September if I continued my studies for taking Master ok :)
Me : Really ? Yeahh .. Hopefully you will get your Master in Unimas ok :) By the way , what's academic requirement that needed for applying Master level ?
She : CGPA must be 2.8 and above for applying Master . But if CGPA 3.7 and above , can direct applying for Phd .
Me : Oh God , really ? Wah , I should struggle to get a better pointer of CGPA so that I can apply for continued my study in Phd level . And I can be a lecturer then :) Good luck to you , La . I will pray to you so that you will get your Master soon .
She : Amen . Thanks Mel . You also . Study well ok . Hope you can pursue your dream :)

Situation 2 ( with my grandpa in his faculty office )

Me : Grandpa , is that true if want to applying for Phd level , pointer of CGPA must be 3.7 and above ?
Him : Yes . If you study in Phd level , Unimas will give ZAMALA scholarship for MASTER & Phd student . But you will be interview first with Unimas staff before you get this scholarship .
Me : Hmm , let say if I finished my Master level , should I applying for lecturer position in any IPT institution ?
Him : Today , a requirement for lecturer position is Phd . But if any IPT institution such as UiTM or any college , then you can applying for lecturer to teach diploma student .
Me : Hope I can be a lecturer because that is my aim target . My cousin Betcy already finished her Master level and now she's a lecturer in Maktab Perguruan Rajang at Sibu . I hope I'm the second one being a lecturer after Betsy .
Him : Nothing is possible . Surely you can . Just try your best and focus your study then .
Now you guys know what I want actually , is it ? What my grandpa said to me is totally right . Nothing is possible to me if I have a strong desire to target what I want :) Ok till here then fellas . Take care then . Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog ! Arigato gozaimas

Ada gaya macam lecturer tak ? Hehe

p/s : Remember , the most important is never give up and kept praying to God . 




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