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Friday, 31 August 2012 ♥0Comment

Hey handsome & beautiful reader ! How's your day now ? Any have plan to do or just staying at home ? As usual , I've been abandon to my little blog . Hmm there's so many things has happened around me that make me have no idea to writing at all . Now, I wanna share my topic to you all about campus life mode that is student will feel soon . I see , when I recite so many status on Facebook about student who will started their new sems soon ,  of course they will said " what a stress life " . However, new students will not have a patience for waiting the precious moment because they feel excited as it is the first time they enter to university . Auww maybe for them it's so enjoyable isn't it ? But make sure the main purpose we go to University is to be a successful person and build a bright future . Some people like to negative thinker to us because they think we will be unemployed person if we already graduated in University . We must never give up and proved that they are wrong . In campus is not same in school indeed , because in campus we'll  learn to live independently :) Sometimes we will stressful with our work tasks , study , exam and so on . But we must manage our time wisely so that we can relax and happy with people around us . Lastly , wish you all luck and all the best :)

p/s : New sems , what a stress life :(




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