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Sunday, 26 August 2012 ♥0Comment

I'm not feeling well actually since 2 days ago ! Cough and cold , and seriously it really freaked me out ! Last week , my exam result for intersession was already out at Unimas website on 23 August . I'm waiting and still waiting for my result that night until 12 am ( 23/8 ) . Bila Mel check my result , oh my God , what's going on now ? Why stranger course have key-in to my result ? What the hell !! Mel rasa tak puas hati because I was already drop Basic Programming course on 15/8 , but why pula masih ada dalam result Mel ni ?? Gara-gara course tu la pointer Mel jatuh ! Oo gosh ! Tapi now , Mel lega dah sebab because when Mel call bahagian BPPS , They said ada problem dalam system untuk drop course tu and don't worry , I will get my real result on Monday next week :) Yeahh pointer Mel for interseesion ni pun dalam anggaran 3.5 and above ( agak-agak aja ) sebab course Intro to cognitive science ( A- ) and Titas ( B ) . If cgpa pun , pointer makin naik la . Syukur-syukur :) Next sems I will try target to score more A's :) Ok la I must stop writing now as I wanna to sleep . Take care and enjoy your day . Hwating :)

p/s : Cough and cold ! Please go away from me !!




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