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Sunday, 13 January 2013 ♥0Comment

Bonjour :) Hmm I've one good news to you all . I got job offer after I finish my study . Yeah , thanks to God . At least ada rezeki yang diberi . Nak tahu job apa ? Hehe , I will let you know someday . About the basic salary, boleh tahan la , setaraf dengan academic requirement that I have now . But dengan syarat, my Cgpa pointer must 3.5 and above . Well, I must balance my pointer and should increase my pointer every semester for 2 years starting now . Ok, forget about the job . Next is my future planning to myself for this year . Actually I planned want to find part time job . Means, I am thinking I want to have a part time job while still studying . Few of my friends ask me same question ''Can you balance your study and a part time job well?'' Actually, it's not wrong when I wanna trying a something new, is it ? At least, tak la saya depend pada duit kerajaan saja untuk membiayai my study . Sometimes, saya nak juga merasa duit hasil dari titik peluh sendiri :) I always heard people say that it's not easy untuk mencari duit . Hmm I want to feel how they felt . Then, dapat la I learn how to manage my time wisely with discipline myself, plus can make savings . Next is about our last group project about Brain Imaging Technology . Me as a team leader of my group telah berjaya membuat our presentation for Linguistics course . Well, if you want to watch our project video, kindly watch it in Linguistics - Brain Imaging Technology (click this link) website . Next, when I'm bored, saya selalu baca blog lecturer saya . Even she is not a lecturer of my courses, I'm so impressive to her . Her name is Madam Hana and she's now taking Phd at oversea even still pregnant . You can read her blog in here (click this link) . Ok then, I think I want to stop typing in here as I have work to do . Take care and have a pleasant day :)

*Keep smiling whatever you will face off :)*

Lunch time even dah late mau lunch pun after watching cinema at MBO The Spring mall with my younger sister Melna ~




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