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Tuesday, 1 January 2013 ♥0Comment

Hi online diary @ my blog :) Here are some memories in year 2013 that hard to forgot indeed . 2012, you've been nice to me ~

 Almost accident or I admit, more accurately almost fell in the chasm at Kuching Allianze Medical of Science . It happened when i drove too fast because feeling pressure of quarreling with my man .
 Got excellent result for my examination result and my Cgpa pointer increasing every semester 
 My man gave a very meaningful gift to me during my birthday .
 The saddest part is when my man have being back at Sabah and it's hard for us to meet again .

On a personal note, I learned a valuable lesson too .
Sometimes I must be strict and be disciplined to myself for my studies in order to me a better student .
Hopefully this year I can manage myself and my studies by doing my study schedule so that I can learn how to discipline myself . I admit, I make mistakes, and I regret it .

I am thinking to get plan of myself during year 2013 and I'm gonna make it done !

A year older, better make it past .
And a new year, hopefully a year wiser and be luck to me .

Study is part of my life ~

Note : Dear 2013, please bring luck to me, k ?




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