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Saturday, 22 September 2012 ♥0Comment

I'm sorry for the long silence . What to do, so many thing was happened around me that make me always abandon of my blog . Firstly, this new semester my course timetable was pack and it's really make me always busy and busy again in the whole semester even though I realize its will be a long tiring day ! Nevertheless, I MUST and SHOULD do my best to my studies and IT IS ABOUT MY BRIGHT FUTURE that I must achieve for . Sometimes if I feel stresses, I will try to calm down and stay relax ~ Assignment ? Report ? Work task ? That I will start earlier first because the earlier I begin the earlier I can finish the whole thing . I don't want to do all thing in a last minute just like the last semester I have done ! Ohhhmyyy ! Make me crap for the last semester and I was got a new lesson for that !

Secondly, are you still remember about my result for last intersession ? Well, got a good news :D You know what, my result has been steadily increasing and I was surprised when I saw my result through by Unimas official website . My gpa is 3.45 and make my real cgpa has been increasing about 3.__ ( secret ) . Give thank to God because He have heard my prayer . THANKS A LOT GOD :) . Even though I was not a category of dean list, I feel grateful and will try my best to get a dean list during the semester . I still believed this amazing words " Failure doesn't mean you are loser ." So, I must stand on my own foot and should said YES , I WILL TRY MY BEST !

I guess this is all update I have for you . Smile and keep you head high, and embrace the challenges ahead of you , Mel !




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