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Tuesday, 9 October 2012 ♥0Comment

Umm I don't what I supposed to say . Time presentation for Cognitive Psychology, I must present about physiology of attention . Then , when I'm present, I was failed to make them understand for what I'm trying to say . And what my lecturer said is true , " Bukan senang nak jadi lecturer . Bukan senang nak buat student paham , and bukan senang student nak paham ." Dari situ lah ku realise that bukan senang semua tu . During lecture, I feel want to cry , plus really feel down now . I don't know why ~ But saya macam tak layak jadi lecturer aja . I'm crying and still crying until now . Makan pun macam tak ada selera aja . Saya express semua luahan sedih saya to my cousin Betsy and my friend Doulos . Kata-kata semangat mereka and nasihat agar ku bersabar and there is NOTHING to stop me to reach my dream . Betul kata cousin saya , banyak lagi presentation yang I must facing after this . Let the mistake will improve me and I will learn from the mistake that I was done ~ Tapi why peristiwa tu tadi masih membuatkan saya rasa sangat bersedih again and again . I'm crying in my room without someone with me now . I feel want go to Cammerlight church and pray to God and luahkan semua apa yang terpendam dalam hati saya . Midterm pun tak lama lagi and I still pressure dengan semua ni . I need someone for me hug when I'm crying . Wish God know what is my feeling on deeply inside of my heart ~ 

p/s : Feel down makes me more crying and crying again :'(




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