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Thursday, 18 April 2013 ♥0Comment

               Dear online diary, you know something.. Today is 23rd of his birthday, on Thursday, that is the day I've my Neuroscience mid-term exam this night. I still remember his birthday on every year :'(  Yeahh, we can't be usually contact as I won't have any relationship as studies first and need to concentrate. Yes, I admit I'm older 1 year than him, so what's the problem? At least we can still stand with our relationship until now and he LOVE me and so am I .

           I really sad (crying) when he didn't make a call to me during his birthday. And in the same time we arguing just because he think I'm angry to him :'( But it's ok, I will show him that I can live without him and not 'terlalu mencari' him again. He didn't understand that I can manage well my time between my studies and him :'(

I have a bad dream about him and when me woke up, I feel headache. I tried to find what bad dream is that make me crying suddently. I make a call with him and tell him about my bad dream. Thank God he can take care himself at there. Dear time, please be faster. I really want to meet with him :'( Yes, we will meet again on this September ~

              One thing I wish for his birthday. May God always with him and I will keep praying for him. He is my breath and I will always be with him until I finish my studies at Uni. I could not tell him how much I love him, only my heart can tell how I feel right now.


    we have been together since 1 year and 4 months. 
                    Banyak kenangan pahit & manis sepanjang kami bersama. Huby, bersabar ajalah &    tunggulah b habiskan pengajian b di Uni.
* Happy Birthday my hubby~




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