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Friday, 19 April 2013 ♥0Comment

           Hmm lets talk about my midterm last night. I don't have any comment for Neurosciences' paper last night. Nak kata susah, tak juga. Nak kata senang, tak juga. What I can say it paper tu berada di tahap yang sederhana. But bila difikirkan balik, soalan dalam paper ni memang berbelit-belit jawapannya. Even MCQ, seriously memang untuk mencari jawapan tu mengelirukan setiap student. But ada juga apa yang saya study tu, ada keluar dalam midterm and yes, I can answer the question correctly :) 2 months more and tak terasa pula final exam will be coming soon. Oh God, time move so fast from day to day. I want to get A for this course because Neuroscience is my main title for my Final Year Project (FYP) for next year. I already chose a suitable topic for Neuroscience and my grandpa Prof. Dr. Andrew already teach me how to prepare a good proposal for my FYP.        
             Now I understand how to make my FYP better and I think it should be ok if I've prepare early for my FYP. Tomorrow morning 8:30 am pula, saya ada TMX2012 paper. I heard it will be out hard and tough questions. Oh my God, hopefully tomorrow saya dapat menjawab dengan tenang without any nervous. Looks like this night saya kena korbankan masa tidur saya untuk study benar-benar. Thank goodness saya ada tidur petang tadi. So, dapatlah saya tahan tidur untuk malam ni. Coffee can make me to be ''owl'' this night and hopefully I can understand what I will learn from Unit 1 until Unit 4. 
        I think I should be stop typing in here right now as I want to do my revision for tomorrow morning paper. Till here then. Pray for me so that I can answer my paper well. God bless me, Amin :)

Good night peeps. Wish me luck :)



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