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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 ♥0Comment

This is just for you and I hope you know the meaning of this lyrics ~


ku tutup mata ku
ku ingin mengenang mu
biar dalam khayalan atau mimpi
ku masih ingin bersama mu

ku ingin kau tahu
ku masih mencintai
dengarkan rintihan hati
dan lihat aku disini

dulu kau ucapkan janji
yang tak pernah berubah
kini kau pergi tinggalkan aku

dan tanpa kau bicara
kau buat ku kecewa
kembali pada ku
kembali untuk ku

ku tuliskan lagu
dengan titisan air mata ku
ku ingin kau tahu
ku masih menyayangi

*Dear you , one day I will sing this song front of you :)


Monday, 22 April 2013 ♥0Comment

                       Dear online diary, I just received my midterm result for TMX2012.. A little disatisfied and feel sad, but my friends said it's just a beginning of midterm, and I must fight for upcoming final exam this June.. I don't plus not sure either I can score A's for this subject, but I will try my best.. My friend who is taking Master level said I should score subject that have 4 credit hours because it's can give big effect to my CGPA pointer.. Yaa I've taking Research Methology for this semester and I must give more concentrate of this course. When I said I feel scare I can't score 3.8 cgpa, he said "Mel, don't be scare. Remember yourself and your grandpa. Remember who you are." Yaa I should do my best and never give up whatever I do especially my studies.. From now, I wanna adjust my own study timetable and manage my time between myself and studies well so that I will not pressure.. I am about planning to take intersession or short-semester during semester break so that I can make my cgpa increase well rather than I stay at home and nothing to do.. What a waste time.. Hopefully I can reach my target to score 3.8 CGPA this semester.. What can I do is always pray to God and ask His blessing :)



Friday, 19 April 2013 ♥0Comment

           Hmm lets talk about my midterm last night. I don't have any comment for Neurosciences' paper last night. Nak kata susah, tak juga. Nak kata senang, tak juga. What I can say it paper tu berada di tahap yang sederhana. But bila difikirkan balik, soalan dalam paper ni memang berbelit-belit jawapannya. Even MCQ, seriously memang untuk mencari jawapan tu mengelirukan setiap student. But ada juga apa yang saya study tu, ada keluar dalam midterm and yes, I can answer the question correctly :) 2 months more and tak terasa pula final exam will be coming soon. Oh God, time move so fast from day to day. I want to get A for this course because Neuroscience is my main title for my Final Year Project (FYP) for next year. I already chose a suitable topic for Neuroscience and my grandpa Prof. Dr. Andrew already teach me how to prepare a good proposal for my FYP.        
             Now I understand how to make my FYP better and I think it should be ok if I've prepare early for my FYP. Tomorrow morning 8:30 am pula, saya ada TMX2012 paper. I heard it will be out hard and tough questions. Oh my God, hopefully tomorrow saya dapat menjawab dengan tenang without any nervous. Looks like this night saya kena korbankan masa tidur saya untuk study benar-benar. Thank goodness saya ada tidur petang tadi. So, dapatlah saya tahan tidur untuk malam ni. Coffee can make me to be ''owl'' this night and hopefully I can understand what I will learn from Unit 1 until Unit 4. 
        I think I should be stop typing in here right now as I want to do my revision for tomorrow morning paper. Till here then. Pray for me so that I can answer my paper well. God bless me, Amin :)

Good night peeps. Wish me luck :)


Thursday, 18 April 2013 ♥0Comment

               Dear online diary, you know something.. Today is 23rd of his birthday, on Thursday, that is the day I've my Neuroscience mid-term exam this night. I still remember his birthday on every year :'(  Yeahh, we can't be usually contact as I won't have any relationship as studies first and need to concentrate. Yes, I admit I'm older 1 year than him, so what's the problem? At least we can still stand with our relationship until now and he LOVE me and so am I .

           I really sad (crying) when he didn't make a call to me during his birthday. And in the same time we arguing just because he think I'm angry to him :'( But it's ok, I will show him that I can live without him and not 'terlalu mencari' him again. He didn't understand that I can manage well my time between my studies and him :'(

I have a bad dream about him and when me woke up, I feel headache. I tried to find what bad dream is that make me crying suddently. I make a call with him and tell him about my bad dream. Thank God he can take care himself at there. Dear time, please be faster. I really want to meet with him :'( Yes, we will meet again on this September ~

              One thing I wish for his birthday. May God always with him and I will keep praying for him. He is my breath and I will always be with him until I finish my studies at Uni. I could not tell him how much I love him, only my heart can tell how I feel right now.


    we have been together since 1 year and 4 months. 
                    Banyak kenangan pahit & manis sepanjang kami bersama. Huby, bersabar ajalah &    tunggulah b habiskan pengajian b di Uni.
* Happy Birthday my hubby~



Thursday, 28 February 2013 ♥0Comment

Its having a long time I'm abandon my online diary .. Hmm sorry my blog .. Ok , sepanjang hari saya busy memanjang pergi cuti-cuti di Sabah :) Finally we can meet again after setengah tahun tak jumpa :( Sad kan .. Banyak perkara kami telah berbincang and capai persetujuan bersama . Our love be more stronger and perkara yang membuat saya mistunderstanding pun dah selesai .. Instead , I will put my trust again to him and for sure he always be my man ♥ Saya rasa disayangi bile dia mencium pipi saya and he will get jealous when another guy try to flirt me .. Auwww akhirnya dia tunjuk perasaan marahnya bila ada lelaki lain mengganggu saya even kawan dia pun .. After this, dia akan mendapat penempatan kerja tetap di Pitas and hopefully dia akan datang ke Sarawak bila dapat cuti :) He always said agar saya bersabar and kami pasti akan jumpa juga .. Ya ok ,, I will waiting for him ♥ 

              Our Memory

Our heart become one ♥


Flight from Tawau ke KK :( Sedih bila berpisahan dengan my man 

Bye Tawau ~



Monday, 18 February 2013 ♥0Comment

Time so fast until I still can't believe that I'm officially 2nd year student . Today, I want to change myself . I mean , attitude with my study . As I mentioned before, I wanna be more discipline to myself especially about my study . This year, I should target dean's list . No matter what happen, I will try my best to achieve my new azam 2013 . Thanks God, finally I can take Cognitive Neuroscience in this semester and my target I will score A's for this course . Actually, I love to learn more about neuroscience because I wanna know more about human brain and how it's work . Ok forget bout neuroscience, now talk about trip to Sabah . Yeahh , this thursday I will go to Sabah . I already buying flight ticket from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu ( Thursday 11-12:30 am) and from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau ( Friday 8:30 - 9:25 pm) .  Tak sabar rasanya come and see my man . Rasa mahu tumbuk aja dia puas-puas because always sakitkan hati saya . Hahaha . Nevermind , when kami berjumpa nanti pun , mesti lupa everything . Hmm it's common thing if lama dah berjauhan ni kan ? Cakap aja nak marah-marah , but bila dah dekat, just forget everything . yuckss !! This time , bersabar sajalah dulu . Ok la till here now because tak tahu la what idea I should type in here . Blur .. haha . Take care online diary :)


Sunday, 17 February 2013 ♥0Comment

Now I'm currently under huge amount of stress - my life will filled with worries and doubts that demand of answers. However I still can eat and sleep . Reason ? Have part time job to do and I admit, I feel tired with everything. Okay, lets me start with my final examination . I just check my exam result recently and thanks to God, I can continue for a next semester . But a little upset when I can't get dean's list . Hmm nevermind, next semester I will try my best to target dean's list and for sure I want to get more than 3.5 pointer :) Next, my appeal for college accepted . Thanks God . I don't want to stay outside Unimas , means rent a house . Reason ? Transportation problem when at night . Now, no worries because I got college and it's make me easier to go classes and library until night .



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